The Honorable Ones

Today, I received my first review of The Honorable Ones manuscript. Since I’m an unpublished author trying to land a literary agent, I felt submitting the manuscript for possible review might help to get some unbiased, constructive feedback.

The manner in which I submitted the manuscript gave no guarantees that it would even be read, but I liked this concept of uncertainty. Why? If the novel’s hook wasn’t enticing to a reviewer, then it certainly needed work before pitching it to an agent. Further, the manuscript had no book cover, so I knew if it sat untouched by a reviewer then I needed a stronger pitch. I was delighted to find the manuscript was picked up by a reviewer and that it received a 5-star rating.

Here’s what the reviewer had to say about it:

5 stars! Reviewed By Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite

“Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer.” The Honorable Ones is a suspenseful romance by Snow Brooks. Caleb Capossi, second-in-command in the Knights of the Paladin, wonders why Vince, the Capo dei Capi, wants him dead. When his wife, Abby, is attacked on Vince’s orders, Caleb goes into hiding after faking his own death to plan revenge. Abby passes her husband’s staged murder scene and has a mental breakdown, while using a method known as “boxing” to forget her husband’s existence. Caleb searches deep into the Paladin’s organization with the help of Matisse, another Paladin member to unearth Vince’s motives, but it’s more complex than he imagined and difficult to distinguish friends from foes. Nevertheless, that’s easier than trying to unblock Abby’s memory and Caleb would rather die than live without his love.

Although The Honorable Ones falls under the category suspenseful romance, it also has its fair share of mystery and murders that give the engaging drama a subtle mafia flair. Caleb is handsome, strong, ruthless when necessary, and deeply loves his wife. His determination to regain Abby’s love is admirable. The plot is very good and I particularly liked how the Knights of the Paladin hierarchy is structured. Snow Brooks’ writing is well paced and creative. She constantly leaves twists when you think you’ve got a part figured out. The Honorable Ones is a lovely book worth reading.

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    1. The plan is to try the traditional route of publishing first. If I end up with a rejection letter pile that stacks higher than my manuscript, then I’ll self-publish. Besides, I’m looking forward to framing my first rejection letter for my home theater. I’ll consider it a right of passage and I’ve got plenty of wall space.

      I’m one of those oddball sorts that believes that failure is as much a part of success as anything. Successful people fail just as easily as the unsuccessful, perhaps more frequently even. The difference is that the successful aren’t discouraged by failure. They don’t throw in the towel, they move on with perseverance. That’s the greatest difference between the two.

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  1. Well done! The review is just what you needed to keep you motivated enough to keep trying with literary agents. As you say, throwing in the towel won’r help – nor is it your style.
    I had Book One of my trilogy reviewed at Readers’ Favorite a while ago, I asked for three reviews and managed two 5 stars and one 4 star. The reviewer who gave it 4 stars wasn’t happy with all the Anglo Saxon names – which, unfortunately, I can’t change! Actual historical names can’t be altered.


    1. Anglo-saxon historical fiction has anglo-saxon names? The scandal! Ha! Yes, the review gave me insight into how a non-biased reader might feel about the manuscript. I was actually pleased to see she was irritated with Abby and how she handled problems since the book is told from Caleb’s perspective. I wanted the readers to be inside the mind of Caleb and boy was he was feeling some serious frustration with Abby’s approach to problem-solving. 🙂


      1. I could tell you were really pleased with it, and it will give you confidence to push on with your queries to literary agents. The review was very complimentary about your plot and characters. Now go forth and conquer! 😀

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