Millie Thom, author of the Sons of Kings trilogy, has nominated me for the Three Quotes Challenge and I do love a good challenge so here goes…

The rules are quite simple:

  1. Post on 3 consecutive days
  2. Pick 1 or 3 quotes per day
  3. Challenge 3 different bloggers per day
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you

Since this is my first challenge and I’m new to blogging, I’ll keep it simple and post 1 quote per day. For Day One I have chosen Emily Brontë:


I was 16 years of age the first time I read Wuthering Heights and I distinctly recall getting goosebumps after reading that passage. What a profound proclamation of soul-bound love! The idea of a soulmate was novel to me then, but it struck me as a beautiful concept even if it only existed in literature.

Now as a writer, I interpret the statement as more esoteric than simply a statement of romantic love. As an author I often create characters that resemble nothing of myself, yet the characters are no less a creation of my own imagination. In that sense, they are a part of me. Yes, even the nasty antagonists.

I often wonder if this quote was as much a reflection of the inseparable bond Brontë felt toward Heathcliff as her own creation. If you are a writer, do you feel this connection with your characters as if they are an extension of your own being? Even if they are malignant villains? If not, why?

I pose the same question for songwriters, composers, and artists. Do you feel your musical or artistic creations are a connected extension of yourself?

My three nominated bloggers are:

Stan Stewart

LA Edwards

Katy Nika Raet

Thank you Millie Thom! I’m enjoying the challenge!


For Day Two I have chosen:


This is great advice for everyone, especially young adults who are deciding on a college major or career path. Most of us spend the majority of our lives working in a field we choose as young adults. For this reason, I believe that deciding on a career that gives you joy is crucial.

As a family nurse practitioner, I’ve enjoyed my job in healthcare for 18 years. To me, there’s nothing that brings greater pleasure than helping others.

I often have people ask me, “Why didn’t you work as an artist instead of a nurse?” or “Why didn’t you go into music? You’re so talented.” The truth is I would’ve enjoyed jobs in a number of fields and I considered them all. Had my mother not passed away suddenly when I was 18, I probably wouldn’t have considered a path in nursing.

The day of her death, I walked into the kitchen, overcome with shock and grief. There, on the wall, I noticed a plaque of her favorite phrase When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. In that moment, I wanted to smash the plaque to smithereens. How could any good possibly come from such a horrible event?

When I returned to college a couple weeks after her death, I found myself reading medical journals trying to find answers to why my mother had died so unexpectedly. Even the doctors couldn’t explain it. I had an extreme desire to understand exactly what had happened and I developed a thirst for medical knowledge as a result. So, I read… constantly. That semester, I changed my major to nursing and it was the best decision I ever made.

In each of my patients I see my own mother, my own family. I feel their pain and have tremendous empathy for their suffering, but also their joy. For me, each life I save and patient I help just makes more lemonade out of that lemon.

And besides, who ever said I couldn’t be a nurse and an artist, composer, or author? I enjoy them all. So here’s to Walt Whitman – do anything, but let it produce joy!

My three nominated bloggers for today are:





For Day Three the quote I have chosen is:


This quote is self-explanatory. There is no case where hate has solved a single problem in the world. Hate breeds destruction, not only to its recipients, but also to those who harbor it.

My three nominated bloggers for day three are:

Jason Cushman

Christian Mihai

Alison Lee Chapman




9 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. I love your quotes! All three are very thought-provoking, and your detail about the first two is really interesting. It also tells us so much more about you. Thank you for accepting the challenge. You’ll find the 3 Quotes Challenge does the rounds on WordPress very often. 😀


      1. You’re welcome. I did wonder whether it was a little too soon after you’d started your blog, but at least it’s given you a chance to find your way around your site. 🙂
        I really like quotes from novels, and will probably do that as a theme the next time I’m nominated for this challenge. You don’t have to do 3 quotes of the same theme, of course – that’s just the way I like to do them. They can be totally unrelated, if you prefer. Happy blogging Snow/Snowy. Lol. I’ll have to find something to call you – what do you prefer? Perhaps your full title? 🙂


      2. This challenge was very helpful for me as a new blogger with new WordPress site since I had to get out there and find some people to nominate. I didn’t even know how to search other WordPress sites before this, but I do now. And you can call me Snow, or Rain, or Hail, or whatever. Lol.


      3. The funny thing is, I follow a blogger who is called Snowsomewhere (a travel blog). There seems to be a lot of snow about this year! 😀
        Thanks for the pingback. It’s now siting prettily in my About page.


      4. It took me ages, too. If I hadn’t had my daughter, Louise, to call on, I’d have really floundered. We started our blogs at the same time and she’s so much better with the whole thing than I am.

        Liked by 1 person

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